When the subject is weight loss supplements, Garcinia Cambogia is invariably mentioned. Three years ago, Garcinia Cambogia came to the attention of the world, and since then it has helped thousands to shed stubborn pounds. There are many articles available about Garcinia. Each one deals with a different aspect of the supplement. In this article, I hope to give you an overview of all the information that is available and I hope it will be of help to you in your quest for healthy weight loss.

History of Garcinia Cambogia

The tree that the Garcinia fruit grows on is called Garcinia Gummi-Gutta. These trees populate the humid forests of Asia, and during the rainy season, they flower and produce fruit. Garcinia has many different names around the globe. In some countries, it is known as brindleberry and in others, the Malabar tamarind.An Overview of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia is a small fruit weighing in at about ten ounces and it often reminds people of miniature pumpkins because of the deep vertical lobes in their thick yellow rinds. When you cut it open, the Garcinia is similar to a light colored orange inside, but its flavor is extra sour compared to other citrus fruits and few people eat it fresh.  Many Indonesians and some African people dry the Garcinia fruit in the sun and then smoke it, before using it to season traditional curries and seafood dishes.

In India, the Garcinia was prized for centuries because of its medicinal properties. The ancient system of medicine in India is called Ayurveda and it used Garcinia Cambogia to treat everything from minor indigestion and chronic arthritis to more serious nerve pain.

The Secrets of Garcinia’s Success

 Concealed within the Garcinia’s thick rind are concentrated amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA increases weight loss in two important ways. First of all, hydroxycitric acid inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase. Citrate lyase has a vital role in lipogenesis, which is the process by which our bodies change carbohydrates into sugars and then store them as fat. As HCA suppresses citrate lyase, fewer carbohydrates are transformed into sugars and this triggers our bodies to begin burning fat for energy.

An Overview of Garcinia CambogiaThe second weight loss benefit that Garcinia provides is increased serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone which works in our brains to regulate appetite, disposition and sleep patterns. By raising our level of serotonin, Garcinia not only helps us sleep better, but also stabilizes our emotions and suppresses our appetite. Emotional stability and less appetite mean that we will be satisfied with smaller servings at meals and will experience fewer cravings in between them.

Benefits You can Count On

Just like any other natural supplement, Garcinia Cambogia does not produce noticeable results in the first few days. But if you take it faithfully, the hydroxycitric acid builds up in your system and you will notice a decrease in emotional ups and downs, fewer cravings for sugars and carbohydrates, and better quality of sleep. All of this, along with a gradual loss of weight, as the HCA stimulates your body to burn stored fat.

The Proper Dosage

An Overview of Garcinia CambogiaThe maximum amount of Garcinia Cambogia that an adult should take in one day is 3,000mg. As long as you respect that daily limit, the dose and also the times throughout the day that you take Garcinia can be flexible. Most people take from 650mg to 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract three times a day. Garcinia can be taken with meals, but its absorption is slowed and sometimes even inhibited by other foods. Ideally, you should take your Garcinia supplement with a glass of water before or after your meals. By taking Garcinia thirty minutes before your three main meals, you will increase the serotonin level in your brain, which will help you eat less, or you can opt to take it an hour after your meals, to help decrease the desire to snack.

Choosing a High Quality Supplement

Garcinia Cambogia is excellent for weight loss, but there are poor quality Garcinia supplements which produce little to no results. The internet and local stores are stocked with a wide selection of Garcinia supplements. How do you choose a supplement that will meet your expectations? First of all, read the label and pay special attention to the list of ingredients. If the list includes numerous words that you can’t pronounce, go ahead and put the bottle back on the shelf. Those unpronounceable words are probably empty fillers in disguise. A good Garcinia supplement will have few ingredients, with Garcinia Cambogia Extract listed in first place. Potassium, chromium and calcium will probably also be listed because they are part of the hydroxycitric acid. The label should also tell you what percentage of HCA is present in the supplement. The best supplements contain about 60% HCA. I might remind you that the percentage of hydroxycitric acid is very important because it is the HCA that actively gives you results.

An Overview of Garcinia CambogiaAs you consider different brands of Garcinia supplements, you might find it helpful to read some customer reviews. There are some reviews online which are mass produced and always positive, but if you dig a little, you will find reviews written by people who have truly taken Garcinia. These honest reviews can help you know which brands produce the best results. Finally, to guarantee that you are purchasing a high-quality Garcinia supplement, stick to stores that you know or that have been around for a few years. Every time a new supplement appears on the market there are stores that show up, market poor quality supplements and then disappear. To avoid being cheated, only purchase supplements from companies that have and maintain a good reputation.

Side Effects

Garcinia Cambogia is a completely natural supplement and has no known side effects. It is still a good idea to be cautious though, and stay within the recommended limit of 3,000mg per day. If you do suspect a side effect, be sure to seek out the advice of a healthcare professional.

If you are pregnant, may become pregnant or are breastfeeding, it is not wise to use a Garcinia supplement. Infants are particularly sensitive and even a natural product can cause problems for them.

Is Garcinia Cambogia Magical?

An Overview of Garcinia CambogiaNo. There are no magical supplements which will melt away pounds without our needing to exert any effort. Thankfully, there are efficient supplements like Garcinia Cambogia, which decrease the amount of effort that we need to invest. Garcinia suppresses the appetite and increases the amount of fat that our bodies burn. This means that it will be easier for us to eat less, and our bodies will be burning more fat compared to if we were only exercising. As you begin a Garcinia supplement, take the time to make healthy lifestyle changes. Exchange processed foods for whole, fresh ones. Eat fruits and nuts for snacks, instead of extra carbohydrates and sugars; and you might even try eating your meals off a smaller plate to encourage you to take smaller portions.

It is also important that you set up an exercise schedule and stick to it. Exercising just a half an hour each day strengthens the heart, increases mental alertness, tones muscles, and gives us energy.

One little secret to losing weight is to be consistent. You aren’t going to do everything perfectly, but consistently take your Garcinia supplement and strive to eat and exercise correctly. I promise you that you will see consistent results!

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