Basic Information: What is Trusted Nutrients Garcinia Cambogia

For this review we have analyzed Garcinia Cambogia offered by Trusted Nutrients in order to inform the potential consumer of its plus and minus points. This supplement is based on the natural ingredient with the same name and its formula contains only natural compounds. It is designed as a weight loss aid that helps the body to shed pounds by preventing the retention of fat cells and burning the ones that have been already deposited.


The product is designed by using only natural compounds. The formula does not include any additives and chemical fillers that could interact with the active ingredients and cause side effects. The main ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia extract mixed with Hydroxycitric Acid, which is also found in this fruit. These ingredients are chosen for their ability to reduce appetite, lower cholesterol levels and help the body burn fat.


According to the product’s label, the supplement should be orally administered three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. The consumer is advised to start taking only one capsule per serving, but he or she can steadily increase the dosage up to three capsules per serving. This maximum dosage should be respected in order to prevent any possible side effects.


The starting price for this supplement is $59. The manufacturing company, however, is offering the product at a discount, reducing the price down to $28. Further discounts for ordering multiple bottles are unavailable and the manufacturer does not offer the option of a subscription plan.

Possible Side Effects

According to the manufacturer side effects should not occur if following the instructions as advised. The supplement contains only natural ingredients which should not lead to any adverse reactions. Pregnant or nursing women, however, should consult their physician before taking this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This product comes with a guarantee from the manufacturing company that allows the customer to return the product within 100 days since purchase. The return policy, however, is unclear as it does not mention whether the product needs to be sealed in order to be eligible for a full refund.

Reviews are available on the manufacturer’s website and they are mostly positive, however, there are a number of negative reviews as well. The main complaints are several side-effects with some users describing a feeling of anxiety and some even experienced heart racing and palpitations.

The Bottom Line

Trusted Nutrients’ Garcinia Cambogia is a dietary supplement which focuses on the characteristics of natural ingredients. The product does not contain any artificial fillers that could reduce the efficiency of the natural compounds. The manufacturer backs the product with a guarantee that comes in the form of a 100-day return policy, however, the details are somewhat unclear about what the consumers need to do exactly to receive the refund, thus possibly confusing the customer. Reviews are positive on average, however, it is worth noting that a number of consumers complained about various side effects that are unpleasant.

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