What is Garcinia Maxx Plus?

This review of the product Garcinia Maxx Plus will help advise customers whether this product is effective or not. This product claims to take care of the lowering body weight by reducing the calorie intake and suppressing the appetite. It helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol levels, triglycerides, serum leptin levels, accumulated fat while it helps to increase the lean muscle mass, raise serotonin levels, and maintain good cholesterol in the body. It prevents carbohydrates from being converted into fat, and it targets the accumulated fat to convert it into glycogen which will further create a positive impact on a person’s sleep, mood and appetite.


The EFL Nutritionals website does not mention the information regarding the ingredients and the associated details. After a thorough search on other websites, we found that Garcinia Maxx Plus contains the following ingredients. This list may not be comprehensive as it was not obtained directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The main ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia – 500 mg containing 60% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). This is quite a low amount compared to other products on the market.

  • Calcium – 25mg.
  • Potassium – 25mg.
  • Chromium – 100 mcg.
  • Gelatin – amount not specified.


Garcinia Maxx Plus comes in the form of capsules. There is no information regarding the dosage of this product on the manufacturer’s website.


A bottle of Garcinia Maxx Plus comes with a pack of 90 capsules, having a list price of $26.99. However, when we checked, it was available at a discounted price of only $19.99, which is a good deal at this price point and makes it a competitive product in this category. There is no information on any discounts available if the customers go for bulk purchases.

Possible Side Effects

Even after doing extensive research on other sites as well, no concrete information about the possible side effects was found.  So it is okay to assume that this product from EFL Nutritionals is safe to use if consumed as directed by the manufacturer. As with all supplements, it is important to consult with your doctor before use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We found no customer reviews present on the manufacturer’s website, which makes it difficult to understand the benefits of this product.  The manufacturer does, in fact, guarantee the quality of the product by adhering to the highest standards of the product quality and maintaining strict GMP manufacturing standards. EFL Nutritionals will provide customer’s with a refund if you return a product within seven days of purchase. However, this refund will only be offered as an exchange or store credit, and not as a cash refund. The product has to be returned in new and unused condition.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the product Garcinia Maxx Plus appears safe for most consumers with no reviews reporting any side effects. It is fairly affordable as well. However, the ingredient list seems to be unclear and poorly explained with no clear details. Also, there is no information given about the dosage. There are no customer reviews which showcase the benefits of this product, which may leave you in doubt as to how effective this product is.

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