Basic Information: What is Pure Natural Labs Garcinia Cambogia

This is an informative review about Garcinia Cambogia developed by Pure Natural Labs. This product is designed as a dietary supplement which is used for the purpose of losing weight. It aids the user by limiting appetite and reducing various cravings that many have while dieting. It also boosts the body’s metabolism and rate at which fat is being burned. The supplement can be easily purchased online as the manufacturer is distributing it through Amazon.


The main active ingredient used to design this product is the garcinia cambogia extract with an 80% hydroxycitric acid concentration. This acid is the vital compound that according to various tests, helps curb hunger, eliminates cravings, boosts metabolism, reduces cholesterol and prevents the build up of new fat cells. The product does not contain any other ingredients such as empty fillers and artificial additives. It is entirely based on natural ingredients and compounds.


The manufacturer offers clear instructions on the product’s label, that should be carefully followed in order to achieve results and avoid side effects caused by overdosing. The consumer is recommended to take two pills a day. One capsules should be taken at a time, half an hour before a meal.


The product is being offered at the price of 39.95$. The manufacturer does not offer any discounts or coupons unless the customer becomes a member on the company’s website. There is no subscription method and customers will not benefit from a special offer if purchasing several bottles at once.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturing company states that this product is designed using pure, natural ingredients that do not involve any artificial or chemical ingredients. For this reason the supplement is considered risk free and side effects should no be encountered if the instructions are followed correctly.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

A return policy is put in place by the manufacturer to guarantee their product’s quality. Customers have 45 days to return the product if they are not satisfied with any of the results. However, there is no information on the state in which the product needs to be returned in order to be eligible for the refund.

Customer’s feedback can be found on the product’s webpage. The reviews are mainly positive with only a minority filing complaints regarding the product’s effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

After analyzing Pure Natural Labs’ Garcinia Cambogia we can draw the conclusion that this product is natural and risk free when it comes to health and side effects. Reviews are backing the product’s quality as customer’s are generally satisfied with it. The downside is that there is no significant discount available and customers will not benefit from an offer when ordering multiple packs. The return policy can be another problem as there are no details about it. It can be confusing when filing for a refund without having information on the exact procedure.

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