Basic Information: What is Sports Research Garcinia Cambogia

In this review we analyze Garcinia Cambogia developed by Sports Research and we inform the potential consumer about the uses and benefits. This product is a dietary supplement that does not require a prescription. It is designed to aid the user with dieting and weight loss by suppressing hunger cravings and by boosting the metabolism, making it easier to burn fat. The product can be purchased online on the manufacturer’s website and in various stores and pharmacies.


The design of this product depends on the fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia. The main active ingredient is the hydroxycitric acid found within the extract of this fruit, which is the main component of the drug. This supplement contains a 65% concentration of HCH. This substance helps by suppressing the user’s appetite and eliminating various cravings such as for sweets. Some tests also show an increase of the metabolic rate allowing the body to burn fat cells at a faster rate and HCH also prevents the build up of new fat cells.


The label provides easy to follow instructions that recommend taking one to three pills per serving, depending on the consumer’s own preference as long as not exceeding the maximum dosage. Two servings should be taken per day 30 minutes before a meals.


This supplement is offered on the manufacturer’s own website at the cost of $19.95. There are no discounts available and special offers for ordering multiple bottles are not presented either.

Possible Side Effects

According to the manufacturer there should be no side effects when following this treatment according to the label’s instructions. Garcinia Cambogia contains only ingredients of natural origin without any artificial additives. Pregnant or nursing women should contact a health care practitioner and seek his or her advice before using this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturing company backs its product with a 90 day return policy as a quality guarantee. The customer has the option of returning the product for financial reimbursement if satisfaction is not met during this period. The details regarding this return policy and how the process is being performed are incomplete and may confuse the customer.

The product, however, lacks any reviews or feedback from the consumer base. This raises questions and uncertainty regarding the product’s effectiveness and the quality of service.

The Bottom Line

After analyzing the available information on Sports Research’s Garcinia Cambogia we can conclude that this is a natural product with low chances of causing any side effects. The supplement is offered at an affordable price and comes with a return policy as a guarantee. One of the downside is that there are no special offers when ordering more than just one bottle. Secondly, questions can be raised regarding the quality of service due to a complete lack of reviews and because a return policy that can be confusing when it comes to details.

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