Basic Information: What is Garcinia Cambogia

In this review we will analyze Garcinia Cambogia developed by Terra Pur and offer information and advice to the consumer base about the benefits or downfalls. This type of supplement is a dietary supplement designed to promote weight loss. It is developed using the fruit, of the same name, due to its dietary characteristics of assisting weight loss. It speeds up metabolism, eliminates cravings and hunger, lowers cholesterol and prevents the body from depositing new fat cells.


This supplement is developed purely from natural ingredients. The main, active compound is the Garcinia Cambogia extract and there are no empty fillers or binders added to the formula. This ingredient has been proven through clinical tests to aid dieting by suppressing appetite and boosting the metabolic rate.


According to the  instructions provided, the user is advised to take one capsule, three times a day. The pill should be taken half an hour – an hour before every meal, together with a glass of water.


The manufacturer listed this product at the price of $17.95. There are no special discounts offered when ordering multiple bottles and customers can not choose a subscription method. There is however, a 5% discount coupon which requires the customer to enter his or her email address and “join the discount club”.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects should not be experienced, according to the manufacturer. The product contains only natural ingredients that should not cause negative reactions. There are no artificial fillers that could interfere with the active ingredient or with other supplements the consumer might be taking. It is advised to follow instructions without exceeding the recommended dosage, in order to minimize any chance of experiencing negative effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Terra Pur guarantees for their product with a 60 day return policy. This guarantee ensures satisfaction by giving unsatisfied customers the chance to ask for a full refund if they do not experience good results. The product can be returned even if unsealed and used as long as the product is returned within the two month limit since purchase.

Product reviews from consumers are lacking on the product’s webpage as no one offered any kind of feedback on the quality of the supplement.

The Bottom Line

We can conclude that Terra Pur’s Garcinia Cambogia is a natural, chemical free weight loss supplement that should be side effect free and safe to take by anyone. The manufacturing company backs its product with a return policy that gives the consumer 2 months time to decide whether he or she is satisfied with the product and the results. On the downside, the potential customer cannot benefit from any kind of offers when ordering several months of supply and there are no significant discounts available. The lack of reviews is another negative point as it may raise questions regarding the product’s true effectiveness.

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